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A Tropical Comedy Retreat


Imagine going on an amazing adventure where you'll discover more about yourself, have a ton of laughs, and become a better person…

all in Costa Rica. 


We get it, life can sometimes be like a crazy rollercoaster. Having a good sense of humor can really help us deal with all the crazy stuff life throws at us. It's like our own personal superpower! 


That's why we've created EPL, a special retreat that's all about finding your funny side of things. We want to invite you on a journey of self-discovery, laughter, and personal growth. 


A Tropical Comedy Retreat


Our Location

The charming town of Montezuma is the perfect backdrop for relaxation and laughter. Surrounded by lush tropical landscapes, pristine beaches and breathtaking waterfalls, you will feel inspired as you reconnect with nature and find your funny. 


Hey there, I'm Samantha Bearman. I am a stand-up comedian and life-coach and I'm thrilled to share with you all about the superpower of comedy. I'm totally excited to be hosting your Eat Pray Laugh (EPL) adventure in beautiful Costa Rica!

Some of the themes you will be exploring in the EPL workshop are your patterns of thought and self-confidence and how the use of comedy can help to shift those patterns to reveal your highest good.


You'll also learn how to face all parts of yourself through humor reflections and activation. By using humor as a tool we can approach challenging aspects of ourselves with kindness and acceptance. We can learn to laugh at our imperfections and recognize how they are integral parts of who we are. 


I am excited to connect with all of you and share in week of amazing discovery in Costa Rica!

Samantha shares her inspiration for Eat Pray Laugh


We take our food game to a whole new level because, hey, we're in paradise and we've got taste buds! Delicious and carefully prepared culinary masterpieces created with skill and oodles of LOVE.


We're talking about scrumptious meals made from only the freshest, local ingredients that will make your taste buds do the samba and make your body feel nourished. 


Fresh-caught fish, home-grown vegetables, exotic fruits that will wow you and local delicacies that will have you doing your happy dance, all made with the Pura Vida of Costa Rica. 


Let's dive into the amazing world of quantum permaculture and how it helps us grow yummy and eco-friendly food. It’s all about keeping our farming system healthy and productive so we can have sustainable sources of good food. 


Our daily menus are expertly crafted to uplift your mood, boost your spirit, and give you that inner glow that screams, "I'm fabulous, and my taste buds agree!" So, while you devour our delectable creations, you'll also feel completely nourished and revitalized. Because, honestly, why settle for anything less?


Get ready for a yummy adventure that will take your taste buds on a wild ride. Welcome to VNO Retreat, where food is an art form and eating is always a cause for celebration.

Bon provecho! 


When was the last time you took a break just for yourself? You know, to feel connected to the earth and let go of your stress. We believe that prayer is about more than sitting still and talking to a higher power. It can also be found in activities that help calm your nervous system and bring you into the present moment.


Have you ever tried taking a walk in nature? It's like grounding yourself and feeling the energy of the earth come up through your body. Imagine being surrounded by a tropical jungle, your feet in the sand, hearing the loud squawks of colorful birds like the scarlet macaw, the buzzing sound of cicadas, and even the playful chatter of monkeys. Then hiking over to an ancient waterfall, listening to the thunderous rush of the water, feeling into the history of ages, and jumping in to the refreshing coolness.

Grounding massage is an extraordinary technique that goes beyond mere relaxation. It dIves deep into the core of our existence, connecting us with the rhythms of the Earth. With each deliberate and gentle touch, grounding massage releases tension, allowing the body to align with its natural state of balance. 

Hands become conduits of positive energy, penetrating through layers of stress and anxiety to restore a sense of tranquility and stability. As your muscles unwind and joints realign, this profound experience allows you to let go of pent-up energies and fully immerse yourself in the present moment.

 By grounding your body, you reconnect with nature's regenerative energies to reawaken your senses, rejuvenate your spirit and regain a profound sense of clarity. 

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We think laughter is a magical medicine. It's a way to see and hear happiness all around you. Our awesome EPL hostess, Samantha Bearman, wants to make you laugh and feel amazing about yourself. She will guide you though her hilarious comedy workshop series that will help yo you:


- Show off your creative side

- Find Your Funny and be proud of it

- Feel confident again

- And lots more

By Using the power of laughter, you'll break free from creative blocks. You'll even overcome that feeling of not being good enough, which Samantha calls the "imposter syndrome". And you'll reconnect with yourself in paradise with other like-minds.

Get ready to try something called Blue Zone Breathwork. It's a mix of gentle movements and breathing exercises that direct energy through the body and inspire you to laugh on purpose. It's a fun and funny way to soothe your nervous system and generate a calmer and more centered experience of life. 

We believe that learning to laugh can help you feel more positive, reduce stress and even strengthen your immune system. Plus, the pure oxygen in the Blue Zone of Costa's Nicoya Peninsula will give you a boost of energy and make you feel happier. 

So get ready to laugh your way to feeling awesome!


Screen Shot 2023-07-26 at 11_edited.jpg

We will rise early to sunshine and gently stretch our bodies with a laugh. Indulge in deliciously prepared cuisine, engage in hilarious workshops and immerse ourselves in the rejuvenating community we'll create, all while embracing the breathtaking sights and sounds of Costa Rica.

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