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 Costa Rica

Surfing, with its exhilarating combination of adrenaline, skill, and connection to nature, has captivated people around the world for decades. And when it comes to experiencing the thrill of riding the waves, Costa Rica stands out as a premier destination. With its pristine coastline, warm, clear waters, and a vibrant surf culture, Costa Rica offers a truly unforgettable surfing experience. 

So come grab a board and get ready to ride the waves with us– Costa Rica style!

The stunning coastline and abundance of world-class surf breaks makes Costa Rica a mecca for surf enthusiasts from all over the globe. Whether you're learning to surf from zero point or a seasoned pro seeking to elevate your skills, the natural beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula offer an unforgettable and exhilarating experience on or off the board.



Surfing is a dance between you, the board, and the waves. It's a sport that requires balance, coordination, and a connection with the ocean. As you continue on your surfing journey, you'll notice improvements in your balance and distribution, not just on the board but in other areas of your life as well.


Surfing has a way of grounding you and helping you find your center. 


It's your journey of self-discovery, laughter, and pure joy. And who knows, you might just get hooked and chase that feeling wherever the waves take you from here.

The beaches here are breathtaking. Picture miles of golden sand, framed by lush green forests and towering cliffs. As you paddle out to catch your first wave, take a moment to soak in the beauty that surrounds you. The vibrant colors, the rhythmic crashing of the waves, and the salty ocean breeze all come together to create an awe-inspiring experience.

So, grab your board, embrace the waves, and let the regenerative magic of surfing in Costa Rica carry you away.



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You'll be staying in a super chic and comfy cabina just steps away from an amazing surf spot. You'll have WIFI to stay connected, hot water for showering after a fun day of surfing and a swimming pool to cool off in. Each cabina has private terrace for the perfect spot to relax, watch the native wildlife and enjoy the beautiful jungle views. 


The Good Food

At VNO Retreat, we take our food game to a whole new level because, hey, we're in paradise and we've got taste buds! Delicious and purposefully prepared culinary masterpieces created with skill and oodles of LOVE.


We're talking about scrumptious meals made from the freshest, local ingredients that will awaken your appetites and make your taste buds do the samba. 


Fresh-caught fish, home-grown vegetables, exotic fruits the will wow you and local delicacies that will have you doing your happy dance, all made with the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

Our menus are expressly designed to complement our VNO Surf, Rinse &

Repeat program. They will  provide you with the optimum fuel, energy and yummy nutrients you need to keep you feeling electric, tickety and charged throughout the day.  

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Surf Sessions Decoded

We have decoded and optimized your surfing experience by calculating tide charts, wave size and the most favorable conditions for your safety and surfing pleasure. This means you will be surfing prime, uncrowded spots at peak times. You may also be offered the opportunity to wake up early for a magical sunrise surf session. 

Flow of Surf Rinse & Repeat Day 

Awaken with the radiant rays of the sun, give our bodies a gentle stretch and savor the scrumptious Costa Rican cuisine to power up for our surf sesh. Our surf schedule is set to the conditions of swell-size, tides, and favorable winds. The water is warm, the scenery is lush and the waves are plentiful. We'll enjoy enticing walks, captivating excursions and engage in our vibrant community to share in who we are and our profound passion for surfing. 


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