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 Epic Surfing and Regenerative Experiences in Costa Rica 



 VNO is on a mission to REGENERATE YOUR LIFE.

We inspire you to take care of youself, have fun and connect with others 

What is VNO Retreat?

Are you ready to exhale and breathe in possibilities that align with your intention? Do you feel like life is happening at super-speed and it's a strain sometimes to keep up? Are you being called to slow it on down for a revitalizing week of epic wellness in paradise? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then keep scrolling; this is for you! 


We are thrilled to introduce our extraordinary VNO Retreat regenerative experiences! Our focus is on providing opportunities for growth and self-discovery in a fun and relaxed natural setting. Imagine waking up with the peaceful sights and sounds of the ocean and jungle all around you. 


We are on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica’s rich and healing Blue Zone, known to promote healthful living and longevity. Here you can learn to surf some of the best waves in Costa Rica, sample exotic fruits, eat delicious meals prepared with love and make new friends and connections. Treat yourself and join us for a revitalizing week of adventure, regeneration and self-discovery in paradise. 

What is VNO Retreat about?


Everyone can benefit from feeling supported. Sometimes all you need is a little validation and encouragement from others around you. 

These authentic connections provide you with the compassion and support you need to grow and become your best self. 


We remind you that your health is a priority and your being well is essential. Move to enhance your flexibility, create mental space and become more in tune with your body.

When was the last time you had fun? Just happy and laughing in the joy of being alive? One of the benefits of being on retreat is that it allows you the space to slow down

and break from your busy life. This contributes to epic shifts in your life perspective and opens you up to self-discovery, adventure and more FUN.

Nature is quantum. It oils our grooves in undemanding frequencies that help us to feel good and open up to new possibilities.


Empowerment is forged from radical self-care and self-acceptance. Take charge of your life-challenges and embrace the lessons in them.


The lush and natural wilds of Costa Rica will catch your breath and envelop you in tranquility for a completely amplified retreat experience. 

Surfing can teach you how to live gracefully in balance with the world around you. Learn to surf in Costa Rica and improve your mental and emotional health.


Actively engaging with these remarkable modalities can down-regulate your nervous system, soothe stress and burnout, boost your body's immunity and unlock unparalleled focus and mental clarity. Our arms and hearts are open to receive you and facilitate your VNO experience.


Your retreat starts the moment you book your spot. Our connection with you is key and we include a discovery call before you arrive to explore what you want to get out of your VNO Experience. 

Suyen Mosely explains a bit of what's included

VNO Retreat founder

in your VNO experience

*medical insurance
*alcoholic beverages
*international airfare
*2 dinners in town

what's not included

what's included?

*6 nights jungle-luxe accommodation
*waterfall excursion
*daily breakfast & lunch
(4 super dinners)
*surf lessons with certified instructors* (Surf, Rinse & Repeat Retreat only)
*surf & yoga equipment
*massage treatment
*island snorkle tour
*group workshops
*daily snacks and drinks
*gift bag



Coming Up VNO Retreat Regenerative Experiences

Our experiences fill up fast, space is limited. Please contact us for all booking information

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A Tropical Comedy Retreat

Want to find your funny in paradise? Get ready for the hilarious Eat Pray Laugh Retreat happening in Costa Rica this November! Join us for an unforgettable week where you'll unlock your inner confidence, amplify your unique story, and create lasting connections with like-minded individuals.




This experience is the perfect opportunity to learn to surf from zero point or improve your skills in the water. It's a week just for you to surf some of the longest, warm water waves in Costa Rica at beautiful beaches deep in the jungle. 


We are on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica’s rich and healing Blue Zone, where people are known to live healthier and longer lives. Here you can take in the breathtaking scenery, swim in warm tropical waters and immerse yourself in the local culture - all helping to foster healthful living habits that will last long after your stay!

Your VNO Retreat team


Talk about VNO Retreat

          “All love, sister! I am grateful for your energy and spirit!”

Kumari, California

  “ I love this so much! Thank you for including me in this incredible experience. Thank you for making sure I was fed, mentally physically, and spiritually.”

Chez, California

"The Cacao ceremony was so beautiful! Very intimate and I loved the fire element."  

"I was so touched emotionally by this experience, it made me consider my life in a new way! My life has been enhanced by VNO! Just Wow!"


Patti, Berlin, Germany

Caecilla, Berlin, Germany


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